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Doing the Double

By David

Arrived in London from Limerick at 18 years of age, joined the boys from home in a squat at Kings Cross. Next day walked across the street and got a start digging a hole by hand with a guy who came over in the 70's.

This was the time of Maggie in power, '84/'85, the miners' strike and printers' union too. Learned to sign on and also worked under a dodgy name at the Euston library carrying a hod. Just loved the buzz of the place, the drinking, getting up for work and living for the weekend.

Fast forward 3 years, my life was going nowhere. Had enough of the same dingdong, people I knew were dying: suicide, jail, drugs, homelessness. Jumped on a plane for the US of A and never looked back.

In those day's one could travel so easy in and out  of the US without the proper paperwork. I feel for today's generation with all the tracking and big brother nonsense. So glad I got to live in two major world cities. I've been over here in NYC since '88 and wish we could have more of you guys and girls. Love the site and maybe we could have one like it in NY!!