My mother and I say goodbye on the doorstep. She does not come with me to the mail boat; only my Daddy. It is June 1967 and I have just completed my Leaving Cert.

I tell my parents that I am going to London but I do not tell them that I am going to have a baby in January. I am going to join the father of my baby who has already left. My parents think I am going for a holiday. They do not know and nor do I, that I am leaving Ireland altogether. Yet as I stand on the deck and look back at Dun Laoghaire harbour and the Dublin mountains, I feel as though my heart is breaking.

When I reach Euston it is 5am and I am terrified by a black apparition approaching me; a priest. My boyfriend is not there and I am bewildered. I do not know how to use an English phone box. I have an address in Ealing but I do not know where that is.

I get a taxi which uses up most of my money. When I arrive at 17 Mountfield Road W.5, I have to knock on the door long and hard. A sleepy and angry man tells me to come inside and wait… It seems my Man is on his way to Euston!